Help Your Daughter Manage Her Period at School


Here are a few tips and tricks that will help make your daughter’s period a little easier on both of you.

Discuss “The Big Day” way ahead of time

Of course you will talk to your daughter about the mechanics of her period and what to expect, but I’m talking more specifically about discussing her fears about getting her first period at school. Teen girls can be embarrassed about suddenly getting their periods at school, and it can be overwhelming.

Talk to your daughter about teachers or staff members she trusts and discuss how she’ll discretely ask if she can go to the clinic or bathroom if need be. We practiced saying, “Mrs. So and So, I have a personal issue and I need to go to the clinic right now.”
Remind your daughter that her teachers are used to handling sudden period emergencies

As any teacher and nurse will tell you, they’ve see all forms of period “emergencies.” But, to a teenage girl, it can seem like the end of the world if they’ve stained their cloth.

Gently remind your daughter that the staff at school is not going to laugh at her or betray her trust. And, let’s face it: we all had sympathy for the girl who forgot to bring pads to school, so tell her that her friends will help her, too.
Leave medications for cramps at school before your daughter starts to menstruate

There are apps you and your daughter can put on your phones that will help track her cycle. The apps can also be a useful tool in helping to treat irregular periods or other issues related to menstruation. The apps are fun and positive, too, so you’ll find you might be using one for yourself, as well. (We like Period Diary, if you’re looking for one.)


  1. It is not just the responsibility of parents to teach their daughters how to manage their period in school but also the school curriculum should always capture that as a topic to be taught from primary 5.


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